Home Security Systems: Analysis

Security at home is a wide topic. It may range from surveillance camera to the home-wide total security system. At home security is based on all kinds of security devices necessary to make your home safe and secured. You may think of anything that adds security to your home can be used at home.

Comparison of 7 home security systems

Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren4.2 pounds12 CR123AWhite/Black3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inSee Details
SimpliSafe 12-Piece Home Security System with HD Camera & Smoke Detector6 pounds11 AlkalaineWhite13.3 x 13 x 6.2 inchesSee Details
Blink XT Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection119 kg2 AABlack71x34x74 mmSee Details
Zmodo Wireless Security Camera SystemN/AN/AWhite/Black8.25 x 7.25 x 3 inSee Details
ZOSI 8CH Wireless Security Cameras SystemN/AN/AWhite/Black13.58 x 11.29 x 11.1 inSee Details
Arlo - Wireless Home Security Camera System2.93 lbs4 Lithium CR123White9.42 x 11.7 x 5.08 inSee Details
Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection.07 kg2 AAWhite70 x 31 x 71 mmSee Details

The first reason you should install a home security system is to secure your family and property. Every 15 seconds, a home burglary takes place, 4 burglaries per minute, 240 per hour and nearly 6,000 per day are happening around USA.  In the latest report on home burglary, we explained how often, how and where burglary would occur around your home and why home security is important. You can check to see all the statistics. Installing a home security system means protecting your home and valuables and protecting your family from burglars’ potential intrusions.

The home security industry has grown significantly in recent years, thanks to the continued availability of broadband services, low-cost wireless technology and,more recently, smart home technology. In the past few years, a service provider sent a technician to your home to install a large metal box in your closet,connect it to your landline and run wired sensors to all your doors and windows. For a continuous external monitoring, you must subscribe to an expensive long-term contract for professional supervision. You can still buy professionally installed systems from popular vendors, with monitoring included in the package price. Most systems of this type are compatible with opt-in professional monitoring, but if you want to save even more, some publishers allow you to monitor your own security with a free smartphone app.

Fireprotection comes free with a security system

Do I really need a home security system – while most people think that home security systems are a way to protect their home from burglary, many people may not realize that systems can also protect homes from fire – an indispensable element, have a home security camera system. Every twenty seconds or so, a fire is reported. A home security system can provide an early warning system for smoke in the home and warn of heat sources.

Heat detectors can also be added to a home security system. These detectors can determine if a fire is occurring in the area of ​​the house and prevent in advance the smallest heat changes. And this can prevent new fire damage.

Optimize electricity with a home monitoring system

The other reason you need a home monitoring system is that it facilitates the management of electricity. A home security system can be used to monitor the energy consumption of your home. How many times did we leave our homes and realize we had left a light on or a device running? Remote access via the home security system allows you to shut down the appliances, wherever you are. It can also be used to turn off heating or cooling devices when no one is at home and to turn them on again just before your arrival.

Decreases home insurance premiums

When you own a home, the homeowner’s insurance is a necessity. And this is closely related to the reasons why you should need home security. The cost of homeowner’s insurance varies depending on coverage, payment options, location, insurance company, type of home and many other factors. A homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to cover losses or damages that may result from several types of devastating events. While many new homeowners do not pay much attention to the cost of their homeowners insurance policy, it is important to note that most insurance companies will give a significant discount to homeowners with a home security system installed.

It detects”odorless” gases

Another importance of the home security system is that it can protect you from potential risks. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas present in combustion fumes. This gas is released by heating systems, wood stoves, burning wood, etc. Since human senses can not detect carbon monoxide in the air, people who suffer from it often suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning that can accumulate over time.

Severe cases of carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. A home security system can also be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. These alarm systems will detect large amounts of carbon monoxide in the home and alert homeowners so they can immediately get out of the house and seek medical attention to assess the possible side effects of this poisoning before it is too late.

Water leak sensors

Insurance claims for water damage caused by pipelines and other similar disasters are far more common than fires; a system that can warn you of the presence of water where it should not be can be of great benefit.

Remotemonitoring with indoor and outdoor security cameras

When traveling, you may be worried about your home. How to protect your home during your holidays? A home security and surveillance system offers homeowners the ability to monitor your home wherever you are. This can give you a sense of peace because you can check your home wherever you are in the world.

Promote home automation with the system

Another reason you should need home security camera systems is that they can help your home be smart. In addition to the interactive services offered by home security systems companies, more and more home automation services are also available.

These systems include lighting controls, door locks, thermostats, etc. All can be programmed for an extra level of security. You can learn to automate your home security system.

Constantly monitor your home

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a monitored home security system is that your home is constantly monitored even when you can not do it yourself. These systems provide 24/7 monitoring, and can track any important events that occur at home during your absence and send emergency personnel if needed.

Useful for medical emergencies

Many homeowners, especially those who live alone or are elderly, may be concerned about the health problems they are experiencing. A home security system may be equipped with emergency handles or medical alert pendants that can be used to send emergency vehicles directly to the home after being fired. And that’s the importance of a home security system.

Ensure peace of mind

Overall, the main reason we need a home security system is simple: you have peace of mind knowing that your family and home are safe, whether you are at home or on the road.

When you are at home, you can relax knowing that you are protected against theft, vandalism,fires and other threats. When you travel, you know that your alarm system will alert the authorities if there is a problem in your home.

A few products to know about

Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

Arlo Pro is a 100% wireless indoor / outdoor security camera with rechargeable batteries and audio system. It can be added to any Arlo base station system. Arlo Pro includes rechargeable batteries, sound and motion activated alerts,bidirectional sound, a 100-decibel siren and 7 days of free HD video recordings. Arlo covers all angles to ensure your safety and protection.

The cameras are wireless and waterproof, which facilitates their use in a backyard, a terrace or a garage. The battery will last for months if you simply activate the system when you are not at home, because the cameras record the moment they detect a movement. The system is very easy to configure: just download the application, power the base station, pair the cameras, position the cameras and you’re done. The app is intuitive and lets take a quick look at what’s going on in the house. You can watch what’s happening live, what I really like, while looking quickly to make sure everything is fine. The siren is an interesting feature to have. it can be disarmed by pressing a button at the top of the base station, but most burglars would probably just run unless they are familiar with the system. You can create several “modes”. for each mode, you choose the cameras to activate, their sensitivity and what to do when motion is detected (notification / siren). Recorded videos are available on the cloud for 7 days free of charge. You can easily download or share them. You can connect a USB storage device to the base station to record a copy of the videos saved locally.

The cameras simply record when motion is detected, there is no way to record continuously.If you plan to leave the cameras on permanently, they will detect a lot of movement and the battery will run out quickly. They are quite expensive. You have to buy a base station, which can be excessive if you only need one or two cameras. Sometimes, not too often, it takes up to 10 seconds for the app to connect to the camera and play the video. I am confident that this will improve over time as they develop their infrastructure. If you broadcast live, the camera stops recording and you have to manually press the record button, which is not ideal if there is a problem. You can let the siren go off when motion is detected, but I never use this feature because every few days you get a false positive (for example, a bird in the yard or just sunlight reflecting on a mirror).During Black Friday 2017, so many people bought and installed the Arlo cameras that the system broke down for almost 24 hours. This means that you can not arm/ disarm your system. It was pretty bad, but I have cameras for months and,apart from this event, the reliability was close to 100%. 720p is good enough but 1080p would not hurt because of the price.

SimpliSafe 12-Piece HomeSecurity System with HD Camera & Smoke Detector

Presentation of the simplest configuration ever made. Everyone can configure SimpliSafe in minutes. No drilling. No wiring. No tools. A set of ways to protect your home with a unique intuitive system, this 12-piece SimpliSafe Home Security Kit is easy to install without the help of a professional. It detects smoke, water, motion and broken windows, while providing live HD viewing 24/7 with the supplied camera.

The base station is responsible for sending all of your alarm signals to the SimpliSafe 24/7 alarm monitoring center. No telephone line needed. If a SimpliSafe keyboard was broken, the alarm would continue to work. The “brains”of the keyboard are in the base station. Detects movement within 30 feet. The sensor has a “field of view” of 90 degrees, giving you a full range of coverage when placed in a corner. This sensor is placed on doors and windows and detects when they are open or closed. Designed to fit all types of doors and windows.

The system works perfectly if it is not monitored, but if you want it to be alerted when an alarm goes off, it’s not that expensive and you can cancel at any time.Other security companies, I studied the situation and asked for a contract. The fact that SS does not really sell me. We set it up in 30 minutes and it worked very well. Works with home automation: NEST thermostat (to signal when you are at home or elsewhere), but I hope it will soon be compatible with other systems, or perhaps with ITTT. It would be good. 48 hour battery backup if the power is turned off, the system still works. It uses its own cellular signal,so it does not depend on your wi-fi. The base unit is the only one that needs to be plugged into a socket. If you get a backup battery, it will be much longer without power. Works with an application to allow you to leave your home in your absence. Later, you will be able to get carbon monoxide sensors and smoke detectors for your system! It was not a function I thought of, but it started to really please me. My smoke alarm will not do anything when I’m not there and they will not know there’s a fire. Remember to be informed during the”still smoking” stage and the peace of mind of this feature. The glass break sensor detects the sound: This means that the glass break sensor can be used to detect the sound of glass breakage, without having to invest in a sensor for each window. I have one room with several windows, which is an excellent economy. Works fine with default settings, but MUCH customization options for you using the website interface.

Blink XTHome Security Camera System with Motion Detection

The system has a lot of positive features, but it also lacks a lot of things that would make it a great system. In the Pro column, I have the following text: The price of the system is reasonable. It’s easy to install. It’s easy to install. It’s totally wireless for the cameras. It has a clear quality image. You can take a snapshot in real time. You can watch a video in real time. You can listen to live audio. You can enable or disable cameras manually or set an automatic schedule for when you want to arm or disarm them. You can arm or disarm individual cameras. There is no monthly charge for cloud storage of your recorded videos. You can not record while watching a live video. The thumb nail of the camera can not be saved anywhere (you take a screenshot of the page of your phone, you can send and save the photo). The audio function is just a way to listen while watching a live stream, but you can not respond to it and be heard. Additional mounting brackets are not available for purchase. If you want to temporarily move a camera to a new location, you must unscrew the media to move it instead of just detaching the camera from the mount and attaching it to the additional mount. Hopefully the technical department is working on these improvements.

Intermittent Internet due to power outages. The flashing would be restored and immediately synchronized with the base station fairly quickly. For Arlo Pro, this would sometimes be a trial and error process requiring a multiple reboot of the base station or even the router / modem. Blink had an almost flat construction and his footprint is very small. This would mean that you could install the Blink virtually every time you wear it. The life of the two Blink AA batteries was much longer than that of the Arlo Pro rechargeable batteries. Depending on the level of tripping detection in your home, the life of an Arlo Pro rechargeable battery ranges from 3 weeks to just over a month for outdoor installation.Battery life gets worse in cold weather. Blink was much more profitable and cheaper than Arlo Pro. Arlo Pro was just a lot more expensive. Support on Arlo Pro is usually via the online forum and is generally mediocre in my opinion.You can call Customer Support during your 90 warranty period. However, I do not know if they charge a fee after the 90-day warranty period.

Blink had afield of view of 110 degrees while the Arlo Pro had a field of degrees of 130 degrees. Depending on how sensitive you are to setting the motion trigger, Arlo Pro has been able to capture more motion detection with more precision than blinking. That being said, Blink is generally suitable for general movement triggers such as birds and delivery men. Subjectively, I felt that the picture quality on Arlo Pro was clearer than Blink. However, both were generally good.

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