What type of treadmill you need?

When you decide to buy a treadmill for the first time, one of the first questions to ask yourself is whether you want to watch a folding or ordinary treadmill. You should evaluate your user space and determine if it would be beneficial to be able to bend this treadmill after each use or if you have enough space to leave the treadmill as it is.

You may think that everyone chooses a folding treadmill because it’s just easier, but it’s not necessarily the case. In fact, they are very close to each other. Many people prefer the simplicity of getting a treadmill and letting it sit where it needs to be. If the folding treadmill really shines, it’s if you do not have the space to install a normal treadmill and have no other options.

The good news is that folding treadmill options have improved dramatically over the years and that it is now possible to get a folding treadmill that folds very easily and that can also be lighter than those that are not. This makes them easier to get into your house in the first place too, so something to consider if this could be a concern for you.

Comparison of 7 fold-able treadmills

ModelLooks likeWeightShock AbsorberMotorRunning SurfaceLinks
Sunny Health & Fitness T4400 Treadmill220 lbsYes2.2 HP48.8L x 15.75W inSee Details
Confidence Power Plus treadmill57 poundsYes600W52 x 26 x 11 inchesSee Details
Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill119.7 poundsYes2.5 HP67 x 30 x 10 inchesSee Details
Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk120 poundsYes1.5 HPÿ51.2 x 32 x 63 inchesSee Details
Nautilus T614 Treadmill207 poundsYes2.75 HP20" W x 55" LSee Details
Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill135 poundsYes1.5 CHP18 x 47 inchesSee Details
3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill216 poundsYes3.0 HP74" L X 35" W X 58.5" HSee Details

Compact folding treadmill

When looking for a folding treadmill, compact treadmills tend to be smaller in size and weight. They are therefore the best option if you want to move the treadmill from room to room. Some people just fold the treadmill and stay in the same room, using the extra space they have to finish their weight training, while others fold their treadmill into space- storage room.

Disadvantage of a folding treadmill

The major disadvantage of folding treadmills is that a folding mechanism is necessary, which means that not all functions of a conventional treadmill always exist. For example, if you look at treadmills at less than $500, you will see that they are curved and that they are very affordable, but they have a weaker motor, a smaller bridge and they are not as sophisticated as some models. So, if you just want to walk, that’s fine. This one will certainly do the trick. But if you want to use it regularly and you are a tall person, it will probably not be in your interest to buy this variety.

This does not mean that a folding treadmill is not for you. By increasing your price range, you will find that there are many excellent folding treadmills comparable to other non-foldable treadmills on the market. You just need to spend to get it.

If you are a larger individual, be sure to observe the maximum weight indicated on the treadmill, as this will usually tell you if it can support your own weight or not.

In addition to this, always observe the weight of the treadmill. Some treadmills are presented as the smallest treadmills folding, taking up little space, but they are very heavy. Thus, even if they are small, they are in no way easy to move. You must be realistic about the weight you will actually carry from one room to another.


Factors to consider while buying a folding treadmill


The rollers are very important part of the treadmill. Good set of rollers increases the life of your treadmill. It reduces the wear and tear of the belt, motor and bearings. Usually the roller sizes range from 2 inches to 3 inches. In case of choosing rollers of treadmill, larger is better.  Larger roller means that the belt will roll over the rollers with less friction thus it will operate under much cooler temperature. It will eventually add life to the belt of the treadmill.

Shock absorber:

A good folding treadmill always comes with a shock absorbing system along with it. A good shock absorber will absorb all the impact from every footstep you make on the deck. This saves your spine and head from continuous vibration. It also makes your running smooth just like you are running on a track-field. It will also reduce injury to your knees and muscles. The shock absorber is usually hidden under the deck. Usually it is made of either curved steel plates or flat springs.


Motor is the main part of your treadmill, which enables it to move and let you walk or run on it. Usually treadmill motors range in size from 2 to 4 continuous duty horsepower (CHP). Speed of the belt increases as the CHP increases. So for walking you need less horse power than running.  Depending on your target workout, you can choose the range of CHP you need.

Belt and Deck size:

This is the area of flat surface that you will use to run or walk on it. Most of this area ranges from 16 inches to 22 inches in width and 55 inches to 60 inches in length. The deck area you need depends on your height. If you are taller than average then go for higher range of width and length.

Folding mechanism:

As you are going to purchase a folding treadmill, it is very important for you to check the actual mechanism of folding the treadmill and store it some place safe. Now every company of manufacturer has their own proprietary folding technique or mechanism. There are many different type of folding mechanisms. The best folding mechanism is self-folding and unfolding treadmill. It folds itself, once you are done using it and you only roll it on its wheel to the storage room. When you need to workout, you take it out from the storage room and press a button to unfold it with the help of inbuilt hydraulic system.

Display and features:

The display in front of you can be a great deal in terms of the tracking features. It can have many live monitors of your heart-rate, calorie burned, speed of your walking or running and many other blinking dial-gauges, providing you extra information about your workout. There are many display having preset goals of your workout, which may be customized to your special need. So before buying any foldable treadmill, it is very important to check the available features of front panel display.


Four factors to keep in mind

Deck-space: Most treadmills have a similar footprint, averaging 77 inches long by 35 inches wide. A folding treadmill will have half its length when stowed. You will need enough space around the treadmill for optimal access and safety.

Ergonomics: If you are a runner, you will need an apron length to suit your stride. Think of your comfort on the machine when you walk or run. Choose a model that you like in an ergonomic and aesthetic way.

High tech features: IPod docking stations, USB ports, and wireless Internet connectivity are standard features of many treadmills.

Adjustability: Most treadmills have maximum speeds between 10 and 12 mph. some will go faster. They are generally inclined between 10 and 15%, but some offer an increased gradient.

Weight and mounting: Treadmills are heavy, so ask about delivery. Check if mounting, difficult even for experienced do-it-yourselfers, is included or available for an additional cost.

Guarantees:  For coverage, look for parts coverage of three to seven years and at least one year of work. Most treadmills have a lifetime warranty on the frame, and you should also benefit from it for the engine.

Return:  And what about returns? Confirm the store’s return policy. Even if they return to the treadmill, you may have to pay for the store to pick it up, as well as for the restocking fee. If you buy online, check the shipping process.


A few foldable treadmills

Sunny Health & Fitness T4400 Treadmill

The Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill features 9 built-in workout programs, grab bar controls, and a telephone / table stand for comfort and accessibility to any workout program. The soft release system will help you when you open the treadmill, avoiding a big slam or damage to the floor in wood or carpet. It has an LCD screen that records your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories, making it easy to track your fitness goals.

Get a great cardio workout without using bulky, cumbersome equipment … The Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill offers many options to make your workout fun and effective, while saving valuable space in your home. Additional features Handrail controls for quick adjustments Convenient built-in tablet and phone holder Easily folds for optimal, secure storage The soft fold function is quiet and protects the floor The LCD monitor tracks time, speed and calories. About Sunny Health & Fitness Sunny Health & Fitness has been importing and distributing high quality health and fitness products for more than a decade. From their headquarters in Los Angeles, California, they import equipment directly from Taiwan and China to offer more competitive prices than the average distributor of health and fitness equipment. Because of their commitment to excellence and the quality of each of their products, Sunny Health & Fitness has become one of the fastest growing companies on the market. Offers integrated workout programs for a varied workout. 9 predefined workouts to vary your routine.

Rolling surface 48.82L x 15.75W, Minimum speed 0.5 MPH – Maximum speed 9 MPH (with tenth increments of MPH), Product Dimensions: 62L x 27W x 50H, Folded Dimensions: 36L X 26W X 58.5H inches, Product weight: 103 lbs, Power Source Required: 110v (18 amps) (1980 watts), Weight capacity of the user: 220 lbs, Pause function – Press the stop button once to stop the belt and pause your run while keeping your current data and race statistics intact. Percentage of inclination – 0%, 2%, 4.37%


This treadmill is a good compact size that suits my body, my living space and my training needs. For reference, I’m 5’7 with a stride of about one meter, and I weigh 200lbs. In general, I jog at about 5 to 6 mph for 20 to 30 minutes. Jogging and brisk walking are more ideal for this treadmill than walking because the arms are close enough and the ideal height to hit the hand if you do not keep your arms bent or close to you.

Keep in mind, this is a treadmill and you run. Although the engine is not too noisy, the frame is made of hollow metal and plastic, so each step makes noise. Not that the treadmill feels unstable, quite the opposite. However, watching a TV show can be a bit difficult for the runner if the closed captions are not enabled. Headphones are also an effective solution. The noise does not bother my husband if I jog while we watch a TV show, so yes, it’s just you.


Confidence Power Plus treadmill

Minute after minute, treadmills are the ultimate fat burning machine, eliminating up to 900 calories per hour. The Confidence Power Plus treadmill makes it an affordable machine for every household. You can burn fat without having to go to the gym or withstand bad weather. It is ideal for beginners and those looking to lose a few extra pounds. Thanks to its foldable design and wheels, it is easy to store and ride. 600W motor. Track size: 38.5 “x 14”. Complete Product Size: 49 “x 24” x 11 “Machine Weight: 53 lb. Package Weights and Dimensions: 50.5” x 25.5 “x 11.5” 57 lb

We wanted a treadmill, not a huge piece of furniture. We did not want a gigantic machine that would occupy half of our guest room. We do not need a computerized NASA machine that will calculate our taxes and compare our caloric loss to the lunar cycle.

This treadmill is easy to assemble, program, and fold as flat as I hoped. He stands against a wall, he rolls under your bed. There are different programs and speeds for running, walking, prancing and jumping, as well as all kinds of entertainment for the whole family.


Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

Train at your speed with the 2.5 HP pulse motor, providing power for interval, speed or endurance training. This engine is perfect for light or intense workouts. If you want to lose weight, Cadence R 5.2 is ready to help you. With six integrated weight loss apps designed by a certified personal trainer, you can quickly access fitness. Increase results and reduce the impact on your joints – a greater inclination is a double gain. Quickly change the 2-position adjustable tilt to burn more calories, increase muscle tone and build endurance. Fold it back and away – in one easy step. With our SpaceSaver treadmill you free up floor space. Because when you’re done, you’re done. This large LCD monitor records your speed, your time, distance traveled and calories burned, which greatly facilitates your workout. Watch your progress today. Reduce the impact on your joints for a more comfortable workout and faster recovery time between exercises. Extend your stride on this 16-inch by 50-inch bridge. Perfect for users of all sizes, you’ll be comfortable when you reach your fitness goals.

It has some workout programs on it, it can supposedly read your heart rate (even if it’s a buggy – I’m pretty sure my heart rate is not at 25 bpm … sidenote: can I’m a vampire and I did not know it?), and he has manual tilt – which, coincidentally, is the only thing I would like to change, but it was not worth more than $ 200 – $ 600 + more than having it in a different model for me. The treadmill is folding, but it still takes up a bit of space, so keep that in mind – I have it in my garage, so I do not mind, but if it was in my living room, we would have a problem.

It was an easy setup. The box was a little sagging and was REALLY heavy (as you wish, Mr. FedEx), but the treadmill parts were well packaged and undamaged. I could have installed it myself, but my husband was convenient, so we did it in about 20 minutes. It only required basic tools and a little elbow grease. In short, if you need a treadmill to walk or run on occasion, you do not need a lot of features and you do not want to spend a lot of money, this treadmill is made for you . If you need a little more than a treadmill, such as an electronic incline, a varied range of workout programs, an integrated ventilator or MP3 player, a foot massage machine and an epsom salt bath hot after workout … this is not the treadmill for you (but let me know if you find one that has all this, please?).


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