Definition of a sofa-bed

A sofa bed is a sofa and a bed at the same time. The sofa bed is the first option for a compact bed. You’ve probably already slept in one of these beds, maybe in your grandparent’s house in your childhood or your friend’s pajama party. It is a practical dual-use cabinet, which makes it attractive for people looking to maximize their space. By day, this furniture offers a seat and, at night, it turns into a bed. Most standard sofa beds use a queen-size mattress, although it is not a standard queen mattress that you would use in a normal bed. The mattresses of the sofa bed are quite thin and flexible because they have to fold back inside the sofa when not in use.

DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon MattressBlack57 poundsPolyester54 x 54 x 8 inchesSee Details
Classic Brands 4.5-Inch Memory Foam Replacement Mattress for Sleeper Sofa BedWhite30.4 poundsFoam72 x 53 x 4.5 inSee Details
DHP Emily Futon Sofa BedVanilla Faux Leather75 poundsLeather34 x 71 x 32 inSee Details
Zinus Cool Gel Memory FoamWhite25.9 poundsFoam60 x 72 x 5 inSee Details
DHP Delaney Sofa SleeperBlack80.5 poundsFoam79 x 34 x 31 inchesSee Details
Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa BedBlue27.1 poundsPolyurethane58 x 4.5 x 78 inSee Details
DHP Twin-Over-Futon Convertible Couch and BedBlack101 poundsMetal78 x 41.5 x 72.5 inSee Details
DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed and TrundleTan105.5 poundsFabric42 x 89 x 34.5 inSee Details

The typical sofa bed uses a folding metal frame attached to the sofa. To convert the room into a bed, remove the cushions and lift the frame to unfold as you go. The mattress stays on the top of the frame. When finished, bend the end of the bed, then lift and lower the frame inside the couch. The sofa bed is more multi-functional than a traditional bed since you can use it to sit during the day.


A sofa bed uses a thin mattress, usually only 4 to 5 inches thick. It has to be flexible enough to fold in the sofa, so the mattress does not usually provide much support. For a night or two, this may not be bad, but for normal sleep, it can quickly become uncomfortable. Although sofa bed mattresses have improved over the years, they still do not offer the same support and cushioning as thicker mattresses, such as those found on roll-away beds. On a sofa bed, the mattress is placed directly on the metal frame, on which metal bars are arranged to support it. Without these bars, the mattress would sink, but these support bars can make the discomfort worse. If you choose a sofa bed with a thin mattress, you can feel the bars crossing the mattress while you sleep, especially after a few years of use.

Convenience Factor

At the end of a long day, you just want to sink into your bed to relax. Most space-saving options require you to set up your bed before you can do that. When comparing pull out couches, the convenience factor in setting up your bed is something to consider. Some have integrated storage under the sofa seats. Integrated cabinetry and shelving also adds convenient built-in storage. When it comes to overall design, traditional sofa beds tend to be stand alone and integrate seamlessly with the other storage or space-saving solutions you may have in your space.

Space saving

Although a sofa bed has both a seating and a sleeping area, it has one major drawback: you can never move it completely. When you use it as a sofa, it takes a little less space than a regular bed, but it still takes a lot of room in your room. If your goal is to gain the most space possible, the sofa bed is not the best option. But you should also remember that this bed sofa is a dual purpose furniture, so it remains visible fully when it is a sofa and when you extend it becomes the bed.

You need to know

With so many different options, it’s essential to think about what you really want from your sofa bed. To save time and reduce frustrations, limit your research to these fundamental questions from the beginning.

How will your sofa bed be used most of the time? It is unfortunate that most sofa beds are less comfortable than regular sofas or standard beds. So, if you plan to use yours primarily to sit and sleep only occasionally, it makes sense that the sofa is really comfortable. If it is mainly used for sleeping, focus on the comfort of the mattress.

How often will it be used? Of course, no one wants to turn around and turn around all night. But if your sofa bed is used by casual guests who only stay a night or two, you can cope with a slightly less lavish model. If you or a guest will sleep a lot on the sofa bed, it makes sense to spend more for your comfort.

What is your life situation? If you live in a tiny apartment or if you tend to move a lot, a smaller and lighter sofa bed will make more sense than an imposing queen model. Do you have a house with a lot of space and you plan to stay there for a while? This is where the most important and substantial option works.

Review of a few sofa beds

DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress

This large microfiber 8 “futon mattress offers comfort and support with its 522 independently pocket springs, it is the perfect complement to any futon and will give you a dream sleep you never thought possible on a futon mattress! color chocolate brown, black, anthracite and beige.The arm and the base of the futon are sold separately.

It is carefully wrapped in a large cardboard box. If you can not lift more than 60 pounds, I suggest you use a furniture mover or ask someone to help you with it. The box itself is Herculean, so if you do not have the strength of your hand to tear the top flap and are worried about using a sharp object to open it, simply take a flat head screwdriver or a Elastic chef’s knife as I used, and lift the shutter. It can take a little work and a little patience, but it is possible to overcome with minimal pressure on the hands.

(anonymous review) The mattress roll itself is packed in a thick plastic that could possibly be reused as a body bag. My suggestion is that when you finally separate the tape from the roll and it appears as a pancake, unroll it completely and let it sit for a second or two. You will probably hear a slight whistling noise as air is drawn through a small opening in the plastic and mattress. Encourage him to lie completely inside the plastic liner by taking a razor blade on the side seams (while moving them away from the mattress of course) and cutting out about 4 to 6 additional openings on all four sides. I guarantee you that when you reach the other side, you will be surprised how quickly it takes shape. Once it is fully deployed, place the mattress on a short end and press it against the wall. Finish cutting the plastic (without getting into the mattress itself) and remove it easily.

Classic Brands 4.5-Inch Memory Foam Replacement Mattress for Sleeper Sofa Bed

The Memory Foam Sofa Bed Replacement Mattress retains its original shape and folds easily into most sofa beds, so you and your guests can stay comfortable while asleep. The memory foam sofa mattress is composed of memory foam and high density poly foam for comfort and orthopedic support. Quality memory foam, which relieves pressure, is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, molds, bacteria and mites. It meets the CertiPUR-US program standards for performance, emissions and sustainability. Firm cushion feel. The mattress is shipped compressed, rolled and shipped in a box delivered to your door for easy installation; sofa not included.

(anonymous review)  It is very comfortable and the sofa resumes its original shape. People with very bad back pain will love this so much that he will buy one for his own mattress. Price is reasonable! Great deal. You may always take out the mattress from under the spare memory foam mattress that you bought, because  you will find it more comfortable, although it is not necessary. It is true that it is better to give than to receive! You will give your guest a comfortable stay every time he comes and your heart has nothing but joy. You will like this memory foam mattress, great buy!

DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

Elegant and elegant with rounded edges, captions and chrome legs. DHP’s Emily Convertible Futon has a modern look that fits most rooms. The sofa easily adjusts from sitting to lying down and features a split backrest for added versatility. The faux leather material is easy and easy to clean. The cushions are full and stay firm even after daily use. The polyester and foam padding provides great comfort. The versatility, modernity and elegant design of the Emily Split Back futon make it perfect for home or office spaces.

(anonymous review)  It seems like its place between ultra and mid-modern century. Color, as others have said, is not a glossy white Apple Store, but rather an extinct vanilla. That said, this futon is one meter away from the white desk, but neither is in place, incandescent lighting will throw enough warm light into the room to make them almost the same color. From the assembly point of view, I would say it’s a 3 or a 4, depending on when it’s time to return it. The two halves are tied together by a standard hinge and turning it on your own can be a chore because there is so much flex that it looks like it’s going to break. Two people who turn around at the same time solve the problem, but you can do it yourself. You simply cannot reverse it, that’s all I’m saying. The feet, all-metal, are a very fine tube. I can understand, as others have said, the legs have burst under the welds. To avoid this, try not to perform the typical sitting setup, where you have just pushed or scooted your body to change sitting position. I imagine that’s what puts the lateral couple that causes the welds to break apart. Thicker metal would solve all the problems. I do not really know how it could be strengthened except that the owner adds wooden feet elsewhere.

At the end of the day, it’s an amazing piece that seems much more expensive than it is. Not recommended as sofa or bed full time. Design has its flaws, but a little common sense and a realistic expectation of its price and what it is for goes a long way. Not recommended for children or pets as climbing on it could tear the fine material quite easily. Comfort is average, but it’s the nature of futons. For the price it’s great so far, I would buy again. The manufacturer should look for an increase in the gauge of the tubes used for the feet, as well as a much thicker coating, on par with the similar imitation leather items of the big box stores. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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