How to secure your TV ?

Looking for a corner TV cabinet? Wondering what we have for mounts? Interested in a rack that can accommodate your TV and store your home theater system and other accessories? Keep reading this blog, you would find your desired TV stand. Whether you want to place your TV in the corner of your living room, on the wall above your fireplace or in the corner of your playroom, we have a well-made solution. If you know exactly what you’re looking for or need help choosing the right solution for your television and space, we’re here to help you find and buy what you need.

Comparison of 9 TV stand mounts

Ameriwood Home Carson TV StandCherry56 lbsPly47.2 x 15.75 x 20.5 inVIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Table Top VESA Mount StandBlack5.5 lbssteel22" to 65"ÿSee Details
Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Tier Wide TV StandBlack30 lbs16 Mm Particle Board42 x 15.8 x 21.6 inchesSee Details
Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Tier TV StandBlack22.9 pounds16 Mm Particle Board15.75 x 31.5 x 22.25 inSee Details
Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV StandBlack33.55 lbsMetal29.5 x 26.62 x 49.06 inSee Details
FITUEYES Universal TV Stand/Base Swivel Tabletop TV StandBlack17.35 poundsGlass27.5 x 13 x 28.5 inSee Details
Sauder August Hill Corner Entertainment StandOiled Oak Finish63 lbsManufactured Wood39.29 x 17.48 x 23.35 inSee Details
Simpli Home Artisan Solid Wood TV Media StandAuburn Brown65 lbsWood16.5 x 53 x 34.75 inSee Details
Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Highboy TV StandBlack52 lbsWood15.75 x 47.25 x 36 inSee Details
Sauder Harvest Mill Corner Entertainment StandAbbey Oak70 lbsWood35.51 x 18.78 x 29.14 inSee Details

Introduction to the TV stand with support

TV furniture with integrated support is a relatively new concept in TV furniture. They combine the aesthetics of a wall-mounted TV with the functionality of a TV stand in wood or glass. They come with brackets allowing you to hang your flat screen TV at a center post, which is very similar to attaching the TV to a wall.

The stand can simply suspend the TV, or some models also include shelves below to store all your AV components. This model has plenty of space to store all your audio-visual equipment. Ventilation is not a problem and cable management is easy with plenty of room for maneuver. I think it looks great too. Although it may not be appropriate for you if you do not like the appearance of your equipment on open shelves.

Universal TV mounting system

These TVs have gained increasing popularity since their design in the mid-2000s. However, this type of stand can be more complex to install than a glass or wood TV stand. It is absolutely essential to make sure that the TV’s wall mount supports the weight of your LED, LCD, OLED or plasma TVs. You will also need to make sure your TV has the right type of connectors on the back.

The vast majority of flat screen TVs will have a VESA fitting. This refers to the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the TV. For example, a VESA200 TV will have 200mm between each of the mounting holes and it is essential that the mounting bracket on the TV’s mounting bracket can support this VESA mount both horizontally and vertically.

Cable Management

This type of TV stand usually includes cable management at the back. Some stands simply have a back panel pierced with holes. Although this allows the cables to pass through the back panel, they are suspended at the back of the center column and it is sometimes possible to see the wiring from the side corners. Some manufacturers of TV mounting brackets offer a more complete solution in which wiring is routed to the center of the spine, masking the cables from all angles.

More space

Another good reason to consider mounting style support is the fact that, for models with shelves for your lower equipment, your TV will be fixed above the shelves instead of sitting on the top shelf. This leaves more room when installing your audiovisual equipment. With a traditional glass or wood stand, your TV will often be on the top of the unit. As a result, this leaves less space for placing your external material. This type of media usually leaves the top surface free to place your Blu-ray player, or even your center speaker if you have a surround sound speaker system.

Some TV cabinets have a small extra shelf attached to the center post to be used as the center speaker. This can be particularly useful because, in some configurations, the positioning of a central speaker can sometimes be problematic.


The main advantages of a TV mounting bracket, as opposed to mounting on a TV, are a significant increase in positioning and re-positioning flexibility. It will often also have superior cable management. When wall mounting a TV, the location is more or less definitive. If, in three months, you decide that the television is too high, too low or too far away, you will need a lot of work to change the position of the television.

Universal TV stand

In addition, people living in rental housing will likely have to face the owner’s kitchen when the holes in the wall are discovered. A TV bracket with mounting bracket overcomes all these problems and some media even include casters for effortless movement – as with the universal mobile TV bracket with bracket shown above. This makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms, other rooms in the house and even exhibition stands.

TV desk

As the name suggests, a TV stand is an article or home accessory or decorative material intended to hold television and other electronic devices connected to television in homes, hotels, offices, etc.  Television has been popular since the invention of the TV and since then they have become very popular. However, with a massive evolution, there are now higher quality television and television supports, more attractive and more affordable than a few years ago.

Advantages of TV Stands One of the reasons you know the benefits of TV stands is that it can help you make an informed decision about buying a stand for your home. Whether your TV is large or small, you must always take steps to protect it from factors that could damage it. And one way to do it is to have a TV office. They keep your TV safe by holding or mounting it. If you have children or move a lot, installing your TV would be a better idea.

TVs are usually offered in different forms. When you have one at home, it has a lot of positive effect on the appearance of your home. If you want your home to be elegant or elegant, a TV stand should not be overlooked. If you love a minimalist design for your home, they can help you achieve that goal. Depending on the exact type, TV cabinets are useful for allowing you to place other electronic connection devices next to your TV. This would give your home a more organized and practical appearance.

Enjoy the view (even when the TV is off)

TVs are a lot more fun these days. Games, movies online, browsing the Internet … But do you already have the impression that all wires, satellite decoders, DVDs and remote controls are installed at home? Fortunately, our TV cabinets and cabinets are there to lighten the clutter and make things more beautiful. They give you space for everything, cable management for cords and glass doors that do not block your remote. So you can sit comfortably and enjoy your TV. Even when it does not work.

A guide to choosing the right mount or TV support

It’s not enough to want a TV cabinet to have fun, there are some things you need to know before you get one. You really want something that fits exactly what you need and not the other way around. Here are some things to know before you get them.

  1. The size of your TV: TVs are available in different sizes and are usually measured diagonally. In the same spirit, the dimensions of the television supports are adapted according to the size and the width. Find the measurement of your TV before getting help. In general, TV cabinets are exactly the size of your TV, or more, in case you need more space.


  1. Color: Black and brown are the most popular colors of TV stands. Although you may want something unique and a different color, the black and brown support allows you to change it. They will also always go perfectly with the color of your wall.


  1. Hardware: TV racks are generally available in wood and metal models. If you need an old stylish design, a wooden stand or frame would be your best choice. On the other hand, if you want a modern and sophisticated look, a metal stand would be better to have.

Review of a few best TV stand mount

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

The Carson TV Stand includes a large open compartment, two adjustable open center compartments and two cabinets with adjustable shelves for all your entertainment components and mounts. Take your living room to the next level with the style of the Ameriwood Home Carson TV stand. This trendy TV stand provides many places to keep your entertainment components. The raised top surface creates even more storage underneath for a perfect combination of height and functionality. Install a 50-inch flat screen TV in the stand. Constructed from laminated chipboard, this support features a cherry wood grain finish and powder coating with silver hues, making it a perfect choice for any room décor. Assembly is required. Once assembled, the Carson stand measures 20.5 “H x 47.2” W x 15.75 “D. This pack includes a TV stand This item comes with a one-year limited warranty.

How to assemble it

The total width of the set is about 98 “, so you will need a long empty wall if you want to set up the complete set.The items can not be purchased as a set with a TV stand 70 “. I first received audio support, so I assembled it before receiving technical support. It takes about two hours to assemble the two stands. The most difficult part to assemble was the doors, because you have to use a verification method and a verification method to properly align the doors so that they do not scratch up and down when they open and close.  The top of the stand measures about 55 “and you basically have four shelves on each stand in addition to the storage behind the door.The instructions advise you not to put anything on the stand, but if you have something less, I think it would be The storage space behind the door is very spacious and I was able to store about 55 Blu-ray discs and almost 100 CDs (I put the CDs in the back and in blue.) Discs at the front , so on the photo) you can not really see the CDs).

The assembly of the TV cabinet took longer than the audio support, which is logical because it contains many more elements. The box weighs about 98 pounds. It is therefore strongly recommended to use a person to move it, especially if it is between two floors. When assembling the TV stand, you will need a lot of floor space to put all the parts and materials. The instructions were very simple and, as far as the sound was concerned, the hinges of the door were the most difficult. The instructions do not mention the exercise as an indispensable tool, but I do not think I could have assembled the doors without tools. Without a drill, you would probably need a second person to hold the door in place while screwing. The storage behind the TV cabinet doors does not have as much room as the audio cabinet and is better suited for remote controls, controllers and manuals than for media. Each level of the TV stand has a wide opening for the cables at the back, but no real cable management system. I used cable ties and fasteners to better organize my cords. I have a 65-inch TV, about 1.25 inches from the edges on each side; a 70-inch TV would be as large as possible without the TV protruding from the edges of the stand.

 VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Table Top VESA Mount Stand

STAND-TV00Y solves the problems created by standard TV bases, such as instability and large footprints. Our two-foot system offers the optimum balance by evenly distributing the weight of the TV between each foot. The 14 “long feet prevent tipping in both directions and the space created between each foot provides a perfect placement for audio, DVD players, streaming devices, game consoles, and more.

Robust mounting

Everything is constructed of high quality steel to resist scratches and provide optimal support. The leg system will hold the majority of 22 “to 65” widescreen TVs weighing up to 110 pounds (box can say 37 “to 65” which is a labeling error on our side.) Future packaging will be fixed, but rest assured this bracket fits screens as small as 22 “without problem.) The sleek steel design is suitable for all environments and fits any flat screen with its sharp angles and matte black finish. height adjustment for increased flexibility.

Compatible VESA models

100mm x 100mm

200mm x 100mm

200mm x 200mm

400mm x 200mm

400mm x 400mm

600mm x 400mm

800mm x 400mm

It was easy to assemble, perfectly adapted and very stable. He missed the instructions in the box. So I consulted another review in which the buyer had posted a photo of the pages of the booklet. The instructions help! The flat base is an advantage and we were able to tune the TV on our sound bar which rests flat on the base. Many TV cabinets are tilted … for design and appearance reasons, I suppose. The TV does not lean forward and can be adjusted with the washers. I recommend this support to anyone who does not want to climb a wall. The stores do not seem to have support, just wall mounts. We examined all major retailers in our area and found no kiosks.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Tier Wide TV Stand

The 3-Tier Designs2Go TV cabinet is the perfect complement to any living room décor. Featuring a modern open design for easy cable management. Also includes three spacious shelves that will leave you plenty of room for all your multimedia components. Maximum size of the TV: 42 inches. Maximum weight TV 100 pounds

It’s great for the price and if you do not want something too fancy. It’s easy to assemble and you do not need tools. Implementation is extremely fast. Be careful, you can cut off the finish on particle board if you are not careful. But really, it’s perfect for something fast if you need a little TV stand and others without tools. Do not expect anything extraordinary. It is made for “convenience” and does its job very well. The instructions are easy and there is a small tie and a hook that you can attach to the very rear central leg to pass your cords. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, which is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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