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As TVs get thinner, the quality of their sound is often the same. The reason is quite simple: there is less room for a powerful audio system. A soundbar is an all-in-one speaker system that delivers high quality television sound without the space, complexity and cost of a home theater receiver and high-end configuration  with surround speakers, which can be connected to a TV. The long slim case of a sound bar contains two or more speakers and can provide stereo or surround sound. Some soundbars come with a separate subwoofer for deep bass production, which adds impact to movie soundtracks and music.

Product Comparison of 9 sound bars

TaoTronics Sound BarBluetooth, wirelessBlack1.6 lbs33.9 x 3.5 x 2.6 inSee Details
GOgroove USB Laptop SpeakerUSBBlack8 ounces7.6 x 2 x 5.67 inSee Details
Yamaha YAS-207BLBluetoothBlack6 pounds4.3 x 36.7 x 2.4 inchesVIZIO SB3821-C6Bluetooth, wirelessBlack5.8 lbs38 x 3 x 3 inSee Details
Samsung HW-M360/ZABluetoothBlack3.31 lbs35.73 x 2.78 x 2.11 inSee Details
AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound BarBluetoothBlack5.07 lbs31.5 x 3.2 x 3.6 inSee Details
Bose Solo 5 TV Sound SystemBluetoothBlack3.7 lbs3.4 x 21.5 x 2.8 inSee Details
LuguLake TV SoundbarBluetooth, USB, wirelessBlack5.64 lbs39 x 3.5 x 8 inSee Details
Wohome S9920 SoundbarWireless Bluetooth and WiredBlack9.92 lbs38.6 x 4 x 4.1 inSee Details

Enhance the sound of TV

An interesting option – and more and more popular – is to add a soundbar speaker, a simpler and less expensive solution than buying a complete system of complementary components to your TV. A soundbar has multiple speakers and electronic components to power them in a slim box that you connect to your TV – no need for a receiver. Some have a separate subwoofer, usually wireless, and a few have rear speakers to create a complete surround sound system.

Create an effect of surround sound

Most sound bars are long, relatively thin speaker systems mounted on the wall or on a shelf above or below the TV. There are also sound bars called sound bases that can be used as a base for a TV.A soundbar, sound bar, or media bar is a type of speaker that projects audio from a large box. They are much wider than they are tall, partly for acoustic reasons, but also to be mounted above or below a display device, for example on a computer screen, under a television screen or a home theater. Basically, in a soundbar speaker, several speakers are placed, which allows to create a surround sound and / or a stereo effect.

Active or passive sound bar

Almost all the sound bars you will encounter are self-powered or “active”, that is, they have their own built-in amplifiers. But there is a breed of sound bars in danger designed to be connected to a receiver and powered by it. These unpowered or “passive” sound bars do not present another major advantage of active models: their easy configuration and use. When shopping, you will come across sound bars from almost every audio company, as well as from most TV manufacturers. A sound bar made by the same company that built your TV can be perfectly adapted from an aesthetic point of view or offer other advantages in terms of compatibility. But for pure sound quality, you’ll probably do better with a model from a company whose main business is audio.

Commercials silenced sound bar

Getting a richer and richer sound than your TV’s speakers is rather exciting, but most sound bars have other audio tricks in their sleeves. Actor voices will naturally sound much brighter with bigger and more powerful speakers, but many sound bars offer dialogue enhancement features that reinforce voices and move them forward. And here’s something we’ve probably all experienced: Watching TV at a comfortable sound volume, then being brutally blown off the couch when an advertisement starts. Most soundbars now incorporate technology to ensure that commercials are no more powerful than show soundtracks. Another common feature is the late-night mode that reduces volume peaks in the program, reducing the risk of disturbing someone sleeping in a nearby room.

Soundbar and home theater: what’s the difference?

A soundbar is a thin, oblong device that contains several individual speakers placed side by side. It can be wall mounted under your TV or placed flat on your TV stand in front of your TV. It connects to your TV via a single cable, so you do not have to worry. With the home theater, several speakers are arranged around the room, with cables drawn to the television. Home theater delivers true surround sound, but a soundbar provides enhanced sound with virtual surround sound – no cables or speakers are needed.

Sound bars can make great music players

With the popularity of wireless music playback, it is not surprising that many sound bars now offer this capability. Built-in Bluetooth® lets you easily stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled computer. It works with music stored on your phone as well as your favorite streaming music apps (like Spotify®). In addition, Bluetooth is the current music standard: almost all iOS®, Android® and Windows® phones and tablets feature built-in Bluetooth technology. Some sound bars even have a Wi-Fi® feature for quick access to online streaming services as well as your personal digital music library. The Wi-Fi connection is not as reliable as the Bluetooth connection, but some soundbars include Wi-Fi wireless audio systems such as Play-Fi, which let you set up a multi-channel audio system. A soundbar can also have a USB input. So you can load a USB key with your favorite tracks, leave it connected and listen to it at any time.

How does this improve the sound of my TV?

With modern TVs becoming thinner, the space reserved for indoor speakers has been reduced. Naturally, this has led to smaller integrated speakers on our TVs. The stereo sound is divided into 2 channels – one on the left, the other on the right. Most TV programs are recorded with this type of sound. With speakers on the left and right, a sound bar creates perfect stereo sound. If you want to hear deep bass and other low frequency sounds, opt for a model with a separate subwoofer. Sound bars create virtual surround sound using intelligent vibration technology to create a surround sound effect. You have the impression that the speakers surround you.


Make good connection

When choosing a soundbar, be sure to choose one with the right connections for your TV and other components. There are two basic ways to connect a soundbar to your system. The most common way is to use your TV as a switching hub: connect your Blu-ray player, your cable or satellite box and your game console to your TV, and then send the audio output from your TV to the soundbar.

This simple approach allows you to simultaneously switch audio and video signals when you change input on your TV. Typically, you make a digital audio connection between your TV and the sound bar – optical or HDMI – so you can enjoy surround sound from sources that provide it. It’s a good way to buy your TV in 2015. That’s when TV makers decided to create true Dolby Digital intercommunication technology on their TV, allowing connected components such as Blu-ray players ray to send a surround sound through the TV and to a receiver. sound bar.

Before 2015, if you used your TV as a switch, it converted any incoming audio signal into a two-channel PCM signal. This is still readable by the bars of sound and it sounds good, but it’s stereo, not surround. By the way, this is often the solution if you get an image but no sound comes from a connected source. Just go to the TV menu and you should find an audio setting for PCM or Dolby Digital.

All HDTV and 4K TVs have optical digital output, as do almost all sound bars. This connection is the second in HDMI only to get high quality sound from your TV on a soundbar. And speaking of HDMI, a growing number of soundbars include HDMI connections, which means you can connect your Blu-ray player or your HD decoder directly to the soundbar.

Keep control

Once the soundbar is connected and configured, you can usually use your TV’s remote control to control the volume. Most TV and cable or satellite remote controls can be programmed to control a sound bar, or the sound bar can learn the controls on your TV. Most sound bars include at least one basic remote and there are often free remote applications that allow you to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

A few sound bars for you

TaoTronics Sound Bar

taoTronics sound bar is a very versatile sound system for your TV. What do traditional devices such as TVs, PCs and DVDs have with Bluetooth gadgets on demand? Both can connect to the sound bar for unprecedented convenience and ease of use. The sound bar provides the LINE IN, Optical, Coaxial and RCA IN wired connections included for almost all devices to be connected; while your favorite smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices can connect wirelessly.

Lost the universal remote? Do not worry, because this soundbar is fully operational from the unit itself. A high-quality metal control unit responds to the slightest touch, allowing you to adjust the volume, select tracks, or play and pause music. And when you find the remote, she can do the same thing.

The Bluetooth is well coupled, the bass is good, the speakers are loud, clear and clear for the configuration of a room. I rarely have to raise my voice to more than 50% of its decent power for a 20W speaker. A touch screen above the sound bar controls the power and volume control options. It also extends into a bar that selects the speaker for e.x. if you want a Bluetooth / Aux / Coax / OPT output. I bought my own 3.5mm cable to connect to my laptop and the sound is powerful for a song. The back side of the power connectors of the sound bar on one side, the other with optical and coaxial inputs. the corner has a connection for auxiliary inputs that works well.

The back also has brackets to drill and mount on the wall. the lower part has rubber stoppers which gives it a firm grip and support. The speaker is light. I would say that its resistance to water has not used much to say it with certainty. The experience of television with this soundbar is good – the video and sound of the music are loud, low and clear. The soundbar lasts several days and automatically falls asleep when not in use – good for personal use. Includes a one-year warranty, which is good value for this price range.

Yamaha YAS-207BL

It’s never been easier to dive into clear, realistic sound for all your TV shows, movies, games, and music. The world’s first soundbar with DTS Virtual: X, the YAS-207 is capable of virtualizing sound in multiple dimensions, including pitch, for more realistic sound reproduction of any content without the complexity of using many large speakers. The slim bar fits snugly to your TV or can be wall-mounted, while the included wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room.

Its very rich in 3D surround mode, for both music and movies. This seems superior to LG and Vizio in my opinion. I have installed the DTS Virtual: X Firmware Update from the official Yamaha website. The firmware update is very frequent. Easy and simple configuration. Simple update procedure via a USB key.  Powerful subwoofer rock. Supports the latest 4K technologies – HDMI | HDCP 2.2. Slim and space-saving design.

It could have been sexier. The wish speaker cover was metal, not fabric. Yamaha’s remote control application (iOS) works well, but it’s a bit ugly. No support for Wi-Fi playback, such as Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect, etc. The Google Chromecast audio dongle corrects all this for about $ 35.



Enhance your TV audio for a high-end experience with the 2.1 “VIZIO 38” soundbar system and wireless subwoofer, ideal for TVs up to 42 “, offering wireless subwoofer and audio technologies Built-in Dolby and DTS, delivering an audio experience that fills them with deep, punchy bass, all in a sophisticated new design, built-in Bluetooth technology lets you stream music wirelessly from your phone, tablet or computer. With everything you need for quick and easy setup, switching from audio to TV to home theater has never been easier.

The floor is clear, mediums are lively and bass (placed next to my couch) squeak a good part of my section halfway. A small LCD with basic information might have been nice to include on the unit, but for the cost, it’s not noticeable. Another good thing is that when you turn on the TV and the optical cable sends a signal to the speaker, it turns on the unit automatically. It syncs perfectly with the DirecTV remote and has been found with the built-in codes in the DTV service.



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