Loud Music – a public nuisance

Everybody loves music in their leisure time. Music becomes noise when the time is not right. In a civilized world, loud music in public is prohibited. You cannot listen music very loudly disturbing your neighbors. There is load music law in almost every town, city and country.  As a law abiding citizen of any country, people should follow the load music law.

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What to do when neighbors are too strong

Noise is one of the most serious problems between neighbors. There are two common reactions when your neighbor makes too much noise. The first is the resignation: you hate the noise, but you do nothing. The second is anger: you lose your temper and call the police. But there are better ways to handle the situation. Local noise laws. If you are a reasonable person and your neighbor is seriously embarrassing you with the noise, he or she is probably in violation of a local noise law. Typical laws govern the hours, types and volume of noise that you should not tolerate in the interest of the neighborhood.

Limits of loudness

Laws at the level of decibels. Many cities prohibit continuous noise exceeding a certain level of decibels. The limits are usually set according to the time of day – they are higher during daytime hours. Boundaries are also affected by zoning. For example, higher levels are allowed at any time in industrial areas. Noise can legally exceed the limit in case of emergency, such as repairing a road. In addition, some cities issue permits for certain activities, such as a construction project or a street fair. When an affected neighbor complains of loud noises, an officer places a machine that measures decibel levels on an estimated property line or inside the home of the person complaining and reading. If the noise level is higher than the decibel limit set in the ordinance, the noisy neighbor will be notified or quoted.

Quiet hours

Most local ordinances include “quiet moments”. A typical order prohibits loud noises between 23:00 and 23:00. and from 7pm to 8pm during the week and from 11pm or midnight until 8am to 10am on Sundays and public holidays. Quiet hours also depend on the zoning of the place. For example, in an exclusively residential area, the morning hour may be 8 o’clock and in an industrial zone 7 o’clock in the morning. If the noise is loud enough to prevent a reasonable person from being awake during these hours, it is probably illegal. And having quiet hours at specific times does not mean that there are no noise restrictions at other times. Excessive and unnecessary noise can be a violation at any time.

Vehicle and animal noise

Some laws limit the unnecessary noise of vehicles. For example, a prescription may indicate that unnecessarily running a motorcycle engine is supposed to disturb a neighbor. And often, the mufflers of cars must be well maintained. Most cities also prohibit honking a horn for any reason except danger. This means that daily morning traffic on the street, in violation of the regulation, violates the regulation. Dogs that bark. Dogs are often regulated by separate noise ordinances. The dog that barks only against intruders or a passing fire truck is probably within legal limits. But neighbors in the block who let their dog scream all night violate the order.

Unreasonable noise

If a noise that makes you climb the wall is not specifically prohibited, it may remain illegal if it is “unreasonable”. Most ordinances prohibit unreasonable noise, but they do not define it. The police may need to decide on the spot if a quote should be issued for the noise. If the noisy neighbor disputes the quote, the final decision will be made by a judge. As a general rule, to be unreasonable, a noise must be – in the mind of an average person – too loud, prolonged or disturbing in the circumstances. It usually comes down to common sense and community standards. For example, a child who plays the piano for one hour every day after school is not normally a candidate for a legal offense. But a swing piano concert roaring at 11 pm every night can be. If the noise of a neighbor is excessive and deliberate, it may also be a violation of state laws prohibiting disturbance or disorderly behavior.

Strong music

Strong music is music played at a high volume, often to the point of annoying others and / or causing hearing damage. It can be a music sung live with one or more voices, played with instruments or broadcast with electronic media, such as radio, CD or MP3 players. Playing loud music that can be heard from outside the property of the place where it is played (such as a house, apartment, hotel room or motor vehicle) is considered rude by many people and societies. Among those who oppose this practice, this can lead to loss of respect and prosecution. But in some confined contexts, such as clubs or concerts, music is often played very loud, but is considered acceptable.

Noise and the law

Excessive noise can affect people’s health and the quality of their domestic life. That’s why there are laws limiting the amount of noise that companies, trains, and other types of traffic are allowed to make. In cases where national legislation does not set standards for noise, such as noise caused by neighbors or events, local authorities define their own rules.

Environmental noise is harmful to health

Strong or unwanted outside noise can be troublesome and can affect the quality of domestic life. It can also be bad for their health. Environmental noise is the leading cause of sleep disorders. It can also lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. The problems caused by noise depend on the volume and the source. This is why there are rules on acceptable noise levels around houses and other noise-sensitive buildings and places, such as hospitals and caravans. There are also noise standards for aircraft.

Noise standards for roads, businesses and other sources

In the vicinity of buildings, noise from road traffic, shops and other sources should not normally exceed certain levels or “preferential limit values”. These can only be exceeded if a formal derogation is granted. There are also firm upper limits for noise, or “maximum exemption values”. Houses can not be exposed to noise levels above these values, except in very exceptional cases under the Interim Act on Urban Environment Policy. Both types of limit values vary from one source and situation to another. Ask the local authorities what are the limit values that apply to your own situation.

Complaining of noisy neighbors

Noise is a very common cause of conflict between neighbors. If you can, try to solve the problem with your neighbor before contacting the police, the commission or your company. It is always best to find a solution to the problem and keep talking. Think of the best way to tell them the problem. Be constructive and suggest ways to solve the problem instead of just complaining, blaming them or demanding that they minimize the noise. For example, if your neighbor likes to tinker with his bike early on Sunday morning – which may be the only day you can sleep – suggest he do it later in the day.

You may want to write to them to explain the problem, but it is often best to talk to them face to face.  Neighborhood issues can be very upsetting and generate a lot of emotion, so when you talk to them: stay calm, explain how the problem affects you, give your neighbor a chance to tell his story, be ready to listen and let the other person know that you are listening, try to work together on a resolution, Take the time to work on a solution and do it well.

A few low sound devices

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

It has active noise cancellation technology. Significant noise reduction for commuting, work and anywhere in between. The noise canceling function can work in both wired and wireless modes.  Proprietary drivers with large 40 mm aperture. Deep bass response and accurate. COWIN Active Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones deliver clear, crisp sounds and low-pitched sounds that let you enjoy your music. The goal that offers customers a better sound quality is our constant quest.

High quality built-in microphone and NFC technology. COWIN E7 provides a high quality built-in microphone for hands-free calling, which is convenient for getting rid of wires. NFC pairing, supported by voice prompts, provides a fast and stable connection to your Bluetooth enabled devices, a powerful Bluetooth feature.

The Cowin E-7 is a beautifully designed headphone, very comfortable, with a low noise quality and irreproachable. He quickly paired my HP notebook for the first time without any hesitation. The fit and finish are almost perfect in my opinion. The attractive frame in brushed aluminum is very attractive, well padded and so smooth to the touch. He came with a nice leather travel bag, a cord for direct connection to a cell phone, a laptop or other similar device and a USB cable to charge the lithium battery. After performing a good charge of the battery for the first time at night, I used them for an unforgettable six hours of comfortable good hours. The sound did not weaken and the battery seemed ready to be used for several hours. The volume control is smooth and adjusts easily. The sound was clear, crisp and easy to hear, from the highest to the lowest volume setting.


Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset

A superior 4X noise canceling microphone blocks unwanted noise. The microphone is also adjustable to capture your loud and clear voice. Offer clear conversations even in a noisy environment. The headphone weighs 1.48 oz (lighter than an egg). Enjoy added comfort with the padded headset and flexible headband.  Offers up to 12 hours of continuous talk time and 200 hours of standby time with a single full charge in just 2 hours. Easily pair with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Roam go up to 30 feet of paired Bluetooth devices. Answer all your call needs.

The headphone is comfortable, easy to pair and use. The quality of the voice was good. I was standing in a noisy area and no one complained about not being able to hear me or too much background noise or anything. I did not ask them if they could not hear me, but it did not seem like a problem at all. The earphone does not flex or turn, the microphone was very far from the mouth. He could very well capture the sound with this distance, but it would be better if he leaned a little closer to the mouth. In addition, the earpiece does not completely cover the ear due to its shape.  If you use this headset indoors or in quiet places, it’s perfect.

Photive M90 Portable

Waterproof and shock-absorbing design – (IPX5 certified), the M90 Bluetooth speaker can party outdoors and indoors – on the beach, at the pool or at home, this speaker Robust is everything you need to roll!  Enjoy unparalleled bass – unlike ordinary Bluetooth speakers, the Monive Bluetooth speaker from Photive M90 boosts bass frequencies as low as possible – thanks to the unique combination of powerful stereo sound (20W) and a passive subwoofer! A powerful bass experience to take away is finally here.

The battery life is amazing. Lasts a full shift of 8 hours or more.  Resistance to water. Honestly, enough said. Congratulations on the water resistance. I have music, rain or shine. He can play loud and clear. The big thing is clear. Although the bass is lacking, the loudspeaker volume is good because it can be controlled separately via your device. Example: If you want to turn down the volume, you can use the volume control on the speaker, but this does not affect the volume level of your music player. Therefore, if you want to lower it further, you can adjust the volume. your music device. Feels really durable. I was lucky to defeat him, but he did things easily.


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