Home audio setup is a very important part of a good home. An appropriate home audio setup can help you in maintain your audio-visual health in many ways. On the other hand a not so optimal orientation of your home audio can hurt you and your family in many ways. In the long run you may develop hearing loss due to listening to bad quality unnatural sound. Your brain will be trained to those kind of mono-sound. So it is high time that you look into your home audio setup and give it a chance to improve.

There are many aspects of a ideal home audio setup. It ranges from 5.1, 7.1 home theater system to blue tooth speakers, sound bars and so on. What kind of setup you will be using at any moment of time will depend on your mood, location and availability of time at that moment. You may enjoy using a headphone system with your mobile when you are enjoying tea time in your backyard lawn. While watching a movie, you may be enjoying some 7.1 home theater system. So your home audio system setup will depend on your situations.

Lets start from relatively small audio items. How about a headphone? The audio market is filled with huge number of headphones. Most of those headphones are very cheap and almost one-time use kind of product. Basically all headphones can be divided into two broad categories. One is (1) earbud or on the ear earphone and (2) over the ear headphone. Earbud or on the ear device is vary small, so easy to carry anywhere, but the quality is compromised.  On the other hand over the ear headphone is much better in terms of the quality of sound. There are headphones (over the ear) which can simulate surround (3D) sound effect in an amazing way.

Then comes the time, when you would not like to put anything around your ear and like to listen to a music or tutorial directly from your iphone/samsung note to a blue tooth headphone. Again there are plethora of Bluetooth headphone of very exotic designs.  Any kind of blue tooth headphone will be good if it weighs heavier. Music hears better with moderate amount of bass. And bass only comes with a little heavy speakers. Only problem with these kings of speaker is the need of constant power.

Now the home theater system. There are quite a number of good quality home theater systems from various brands. The basic construction of a home theater system is either 5.1 or 7.1 speakers including sub-woofer, sound bar and surround speakers. The main advancement in this field is happening in connecting the whole system wirelessly.  You can connect your TV’s sound output to the main control unit of your home theater and you will be able to hear the natural sounds of every events in a movie. You can enjoy the spatial variation of surround sound in a movie. For example, you can feel the rain drops around you in the room with home theater. You can feel the running horses across the room. You need to pick the right product for you.

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